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About Us

vTrack is a renowned brand in the GPS Tracking market space serving hundreds of customers across all verticals starting from Foods to Chemicals in both Logistics and manufacturing sectors. Starting its Indian R & D activity in 2002, vTrack has come a long way in understanding the needs of Indian customers as well as Indian operating environment. Caught in the initial dilemma between importing the devices from cheaper manufacturers in China or designing and manufacturing the devices locally, the management took a firm decision of proceed with inhouse R&D for design, development and manufacturing of devices under complete control of the company. In this decade long journey, vTrack has proven that its devices are more stable, reliable and robust of Indian operating enviroment.

Now, vTrack not only tracks tens of thousands of vehicles on Indian roads belonging to some of the biggest and mightiest industrial houses in India with is GPS Tracking services, it equally caters small and medium size companies providing them uncompromising product quality and service quality. vTrack has also diversified into other services in remote monitoring like cold chain monitoring, windmill monitoring, etc. Creating Value to the Customer Goods, Providing uncompromising quality and Improving the product has been the mission of vTrack and strive to live this mission


GPS Tracking

We stand apart to provide the best GPS Tracking in India

GPS Tracking has never been easier throughout India. vTrack's GPS Tracking combines the power of our indigenous GPS Tracking equipment with our in-house built State of the Art Geographic Information System (GIS). This combination is first of its kind in INDIA and helps us to provide our customers with very reliable tracking solution for their fleet. Our Web Based / Mobile enabled GIS software is a unique application of its kind which will allow our customers to monitor their whole fleet from any computer or any Mobile device, from anywhere in the world and at time, instantly. Installing vTrack not only offers protection to vehicles from theft, but also the ability to monitor their movement aiding them to keep your clients informed of delivery status of goods.

  • Available on Mobile Platforms
  • Do it yourself hardware
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • AnyTime, AnyWhere access
  • Offers simple but detailed user interface
  • Prompt notifications and variety of reports

Coldchain Monitoring

First Online Cold Chain Monitoring Solution in India

Off-line "Data Loggers" has been the common source of cold Chain Monitoring option available to companies who have a dire need to monitor their products due to various regulatory requirements. The process was manual and tedeous. vTrack has introduced the first Online monitoring solution in India. vTracks offers is a unique solution for monitoring the freshness and quality of perishables as they travel along the cold chain.

  • Complete record of historical data.
  • Record generator running time
  • Alerts on powqer failures
  • Alerts when generator used
  • SMS/Email alerts on temperature limit breached.

Windmill Monitoring

Web Based SCADA for Wind Turbine

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system provides the user, a detailed report about the turbine functioning, its performance, its status, etc. This helps in complete automation of monitoring activity there by reducing the turbine downtime and increasing the production and improving the Return on Investment (ROI) of the Windmill.

  • Daily production details
  • Grid ON / OFF
  • Turbine Generation ON / OFF
  • Turbine State Change
  • Free Wheeling
  • No Data from SCADA

Power Monitoring

The Best Power Monitoring System in India

Power Monitoring is based on a simple solution of installing digital kilowatt-hour meters on selected loads across the industry. vTrack Power Monitor collects the data from all these meters and consolidates it on the server and makes it available for the users on the internet using a web based application. The device is completely customisable to collect data from a variety of meters from many leading digital meter manufacturers.

  • Easy to install on existing panels
  • GSM based hardware for wireless data transmission
  • Wide range of Load capacities
  • Possbile to measure Generator KWH reading
  • Monitor Generator fuel level
  • Web based application to monitor from anywhere
  • Detailed Analytics

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