About Us


vTrack is a premier brand of Hashprompt Technologies Private Limited in the GPS Tracking and Cold Chain Monitoring market space. Our R&D work for bringing in a GPS Tracking System to the Indian Market was started in 2002. We have come a long way to proudly serve some of the leading corporate houses in India. At vTrack, we have clear understood the needs of Indian customers as well as Indian operating environment. This has clearly made us to take a firm decision to design and manufacture GPS Trackers in India, rather than importing it from some cheap manufacturer in China. The management team took a firm decision of proceed with in-house R&D for design, development and manufacturing of devices under complete control of the company.In this decade long journey, vTrack has proven that its devices are more stable, reliable and robust for Indian operating environment.

Later on, vTrack has started to design and develop the Cold Chain Monitoring solutions with its own hardware and software. The in-house R&D has help vTrack to integrate the Cold Chain Monitoring into GPS Tracking System. With this integration, vTrack now tracks tens of thousands of vehicles on Indian roads belonging to some of the biggest and mightiest industrial houses in India. Also, it equally caters small and medium size companies providing them uncompromising product quality and service quality. vTrack servers companies across all verticals, starting from food to chemicals, paper to pencils, in both logistics and manufacturing sectors. “Creating value to the customer goods”, “Providing uncompromising quality” and “Improving the product” has been the mission of vTrack and strive to live this mission.