Cold Chain Monitoring System – What it means ?


What is Cold Chain ?

We love frozen deserts and soft ice-creams when it taste delicious. We wouldn’t like the taste of the same ice-cream at some instances. This is where the cold chain comes into picture. The tastes of these change when it is not stored and transported in the optimal temperature. The process of maintaining the optimal temperature of the respective goods is called as cold chain. The most critical applications of cold chain are in the areas of perishables and medicines. If the temperature fall off the optimum level for a defined time, these goods become unusable.

Cold Chain Monitoring System

As the name suggests, the system used to monitor the cold chain is called the Cold Chain Monitoring System. The storage and transportation containers are fitted with sensors to measure the temperature and are then transferred to system for study. Temperature data loggers are the typical offline devices used till date for recording the temperature during storage and transportation. The new generation data loggers and transmitters are entering the market in the recent times that records and transmits the temperature data in real-time. Having the data real-time into the monitoring system, will help identify any deviation on-time before is too late. The cold chain monitoring systems are designed to send out alerts on time to the concerned people and corrective measures can be taken immediately.

Cold Chain monitoring would play a major role in pharmaceutical industry where heat unstable needs to be maintained at the optimal temperature. This is very critical in storage and transportation of vaccines, serums, etc. This should be monitored from the time it was manufactured till it was used. Other critical area where cold chain monitoring can help is in the food industry. Though the critical level is not similar to that of pharmaceutical industry, it is also important to maintain the perishable food in very optimal temperature. Products like milk are very important for daily consumption and any deviation can trigger mass food poisoning. Such mass food poisoning can create panic among the public. In the areas of frozen food, the deviation would defeat the purpose of food cold chain. Any deviation would lead to wastage of food which is very critical in developing countries.

Though not so critical, cold chain monitoring systems can also be used for cold storage used to store fruits and vegetables. The system can help the farmers or traders to reduce wastage and improve profitability. In a country like India which is really dependent on monsoon for food production, cold storage plays vital role to ensure availability of agricultural products round the year. Using the cold chain monitoring system would help a lot in this effort to keep the prices under check.

vTrack Cold Chain Monitoring System is a new generation, cloud based online system, which is currently used by some of the leading brands in India.

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