GPS Trackers for Vehicle Tracking

GPS Trackers from vTrack

GPS Tracking has never been easier throughout India. vTrack’s GPS Tracking Systems combines the power of our indigenous GPS Tracker with our in-house cloud based web application. This combination is first of its kind in INDIA and helps us to provide our customers with very reliable tracking solution for their fleet. Smart phone applications are also available on Google Play and Apple AppStore with are native apps to the respective platforms. With the help of Smart Phone Apps, it is now possible to get instant notifications of all events of your interest. Installing vTrack’s gps tracker not only offers protection to vehicles from theft, but also the ability to monitor their movement aiding them to keep your clients informed of delivery status of goods.

What we do that our competitors don’t?

At vTrack, we design and manufacture a small, reliable and robust gps trackers that combines GPS/GSM/GPRS technologies. We also develop software that enables our customers to monitor the position of the device over the internet. So, installing this device on a vehicle will enable the customer to effectively monitor the vehicle using our web interface which is also mobile browser friendly.

How we stand apart ?

We are the only GPS Tracking service provider in India to develop both GPS Tracker and tracking software in-house. With over a decade experience and deep technical knowledge with GPS Tracker related technology and telecommunication industry, we know how to put them to use for the benefit of our customers. Our staff take all your calls personally to offer you any help as and when required.

Features in vTrack GPS Trackers :

  • Do it yourself featuring hardware
  • Simple to install and register
  • Anytime and anywhere access
  • Graphical rich user interface
  • Prompt notifications
  • Variety of useful reports

Call us now for a presentation. Registered users may login to the web application for tracking by visiting

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