FleetTrails – GPS Tracking System

FleetTrails – GPS Tracking System


GPS Tracking Hardware

vTrack has built in-house capabilities for research and development for continued product improvements and enhancements. Product development has been the biggest strength of vTrack. This capability has given the company a clear edge over its competitors. Since, the products are designed in-house, vTrack can better fine tune it to exactly suit harsh Indian operating environment as well as meet Indian customers requirement. With over 2 dozen dedicated electronics and software engineers, vTrack always wanted to stay on top technology. vTrack data loggers, data transmitters are designed using best practices and are manufactured in a ISO certified facility under strict supervision by vTrack engineers. The devices are sternly tested under very harsh conditions to detect and manufacturing defects. The QC policy does not tolerate field failures above 0.5%. The GPS Trackers will be available in OEM basis to any integrator and vTrack is

GPS Tracking Software

The cloud based software platform is designed using latest technologies like HTML5, CSS4, AJAX, J2EE, etc. and is one of the best in its kind. The company has re-branded its software platform to make it available to a wide circle of users. The platform supports a range of GPS Tracking devices now available in the market. The user will have the option to use any GPS Tracking hardware and subscribe the tracking software platform from vTrack. We expect this set-up to revolutionize the market. New entrepreneurs who  wanted to setup their own GPS Tracking business can signup with FleetTrails and get the software platform installed in their own domain name and it is ready to market. A wide range of API are available for the integrator to integrate the data into their customers ERP.

FleetTrails – The OEM Model

vTrack offers the hardware and software completely based solution under the brand FleetTrails. Any one can pick anything of their choice. For example, if one is interested in just taking the PCB and would like to create their own custom enclosure, they are free to do it. One can come with a GPS Tracker and can take the software platform subscription alone, it is readily available.

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