School Bus Tracking Intelligently

iBusTrack – Intelligent School Bus Tracking


Today’s fast track life and challenging life style warrant both parents to work long hours to make the ends meet in their day to day life.  If you are a parent, you need to accept the fact that the world can sometimes be an unsafe place to live in especially for the young kids. Threats like murderers, kidnapper and pedophiles can be nightmares for most parents. It is also alarming to learn about horrific crimes done against younger children. It is no longer a surprise to know that many modern parents fear for the security and safety of their children. Undeniably, these are things that make them worry about. To eliminate the possibility of dangers to children, most parents are now getting up and decide taking action in order to protect their kids.

There are actually many ways on how parents protect their children. But since they are now living in a web based environment, most parents are leveraging on technology. In line with this, a modern device is now invented allowing the parents to monitor and secure their kids while travelling to school in the easiest possible way. iBusTrack device is mounted on to the school bus, giving way for an effective and reliable school bus tracking system ensuring the ultimate safety and protection of children going to school on regular basis.


How the System Works?


The school bus tracking device will be fitted on to the bus that has the capacity of reading RFID tag and also reporting its position utilizing GPS. The system also features a display showing student photos when their RFID tag are being scanned. When a student scans her or his ID, this will log and indicate whether the student is either getting in or getting out of the bus. This is based on algorithm and timing.

The scanned information will then be sent to a server together with the stop details. The school bus tracking server starts processing the data and will be sending notifications to parents via Android or iOS app that is available on Google Play or Apple AppStore respectively. The iBusTrack device that is fitted in the school bus also aids in sending its position to server and the server will then be processing this and alert parents for problems, delays and more through smart phone apps.

iBusTrack’s school bus tracking device is specially designed and developed for school transportation allowing individuals to monitor and track students in a non-intrusive and safe way. This would make up a reliable school bus tracking system to provide immediate and accurate answers to parents and school personnel as well.  This can also be utilized by the school personnel in charge of the school transportation to make sure that bus drivers comply with the rules and that the lives of students will never be jeopardized.

This is indeed a solution that offers relief and peace of mind taking into account the concerns of school authorities, parents, and school bus owners and drivers. Parents no longer have to worry about their children for the reason that they can now track and monitor them with ease.

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