Temperature Data Loggers & Transmitters

Koollog – Temperature Data Loggers & Transmitters

Various regulatory requirements of the present day puts pressure on the companies to monitor the products on the cold chain. Off-line “Data Loggers” has been the common source of Cold Chain Monitoring option available to these companies until recent past. That process was manual and tedious. vTrack introduced the first online monitoring solution in India through “Koollog”. Koollog offers is a unique solution for monitoring the temperature and humidity of the perishables as they travel along the cold chain ensuring freshness and high quality.


Koollog range includes devices from off-line data logger (Temp Card) to online real-time cloud based data loggers. These devices uses latest technologies like digital factory calibrated digital thermometer for reading the temperature and GSM/GPRS for transmitting data to the cloud server. Koollog data loggers and transmitters are also integrated with GPS. This makes it easy to track the vehicle, while keeping an eye on the temperature of the refrigerated containers. The devices are designed to measure temperature and humidity at regular interval and transmit them to the cloud server or store them locally based on its configuration.


Cloud Base Application

The online web-based application lets the users to monitor their cold chain remotely from anywhere on the Internet. The application is highly advanced and lets users to create a variety of reports. Data is represented both text and eye-catching visual formats, to make it easier for the users to visualize the data at one glance. Various alerts can also be configured to be delivered through SMS or through email.

On the Smart Phones

Smart phone users can opt to install either Android App or iOS App from the respective stores. This feature makes the system completely mobile matching the needs of the top-of-the line user who is busy and always travelling. The alerts are delivered through push notifications on the smart phone which is really convenient and all the notifications are stored for future reference.

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