Temperature Monitoring in Transportation of Medicines

 Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring is a process by which the stored temperature of the specific product is monitored through out its life cycle. Various methods are used to monitor this. The article Cold Chain Monitoring System – What it means ?” gives a brief introduction on a system that is used for this purpose. This process is absolutely important to ensure that the medicines and vaccines are stored in the recommended temperature. The refrigerators where the medicines are stored need to be maintained at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C or the limits set by the concerned laboratory at all times during its life cycle.

Temperature Monitoring in Transportation and Storage of Medicines

Temperature monitoring of the refrigerators where the medicines and vaccines are stored is required to ensure the viability of the drugs. This should be done from the time it is manufactured and till the time it is administered to the patient. It becomes the obligation of the pharmaceutical company to ensure that the temperature is maintained in all the refrigerators that are used to store its products. Temperature monitoring system or Temperature data loggers like Koollog from vTrack can be used for this purpose.


World Health Organisation (WHO) has made the temperature monitoring mandatory for storage and transportation of medicines. The organisation has given detailed guidelines for handling medicines during transit. Individual Federal/State governments across the world too have framed their own guidelines at par with or in addition to the WHO recommendations. For example “Guideline for the Storage, Transportation and Handling of  Refrigerated Medicines, Vaccines, and Blood in Queensland Health Facilities” is one such recommendation from the state of Queensland in Australia.

United States of America’s Food and Drug Administration has given detailed guidelines for the states for issuing medicine distribution. India follows all recommendations from the WHO in respect to the storage and transportation of medicines. Also, the Indian Health Ministry along with UNICEF has framed “Handbook for Vaccine & Cold Chain Handlers“. 

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