Are there Vehicle Tracking Manufacturers in India ?

vehicle-tracking-manufacturers-in India

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking using the GPS technology is in India since the early 2000. But, it is still evolving. GPS Tracking System overview and how it works ? will give you an idea about what I am talking about if you have just landed directly into this article and are unaware of Vehicle Tracking. Though the system is available in India for almost a decade and a half, it is dominated by cheap Asian imports which are not to the reliable. There are a handful of vehicle tracking manufacturers in India.

Vehicle Tracking Manufacturers

vTrack is the first vehicle tracking manufacturer in India. Few have followed suit. But, still the industry is plagued by high unreliable, cheap products which poses a big challenges for Indian companies. The products which are designed and manufactured in India are mostly of high quality and reliable. The reason for this is quite simple. The local manufacturer has to face the customers directly and are answerable to them. We as a customer expect anything that we buy from an Indian manufacturer to last longer, but we don’t expect the same with products from Asian imports.

The devices manufactured by vehicle tracking manufacturers in India last for atleast 5 years, while the imported once don’t even work for 6 months. This results in a very bad customer experience and it becomes hard to convince that customers to invest again in Vehicle Tracking System. This blog article “Vehicle Tracking System – Things to do before you buy” talks in length about what all you need to consider before you invest money in vehicle tracking system. This should help anyone who wanted to buy vehicle tracking system and everyone should become aware that every paisa we spend should be worthful.

vTrack is the one of the leading vehicle tracking manufacturers in India. You may kindly visit out home page to find out vTrack’s entire product line.