Vehicle Tracking System – Things to do before you buy


Vehicle Tracking System – What to do before you buy ?

Vehicle Tracking System, plainly means that it tracks your vehicle. You fit this system in your vehicle and sitting at your home or office, you will know where you vehicle is. Read this article “GPS Tracking System overview and how it works ?” to know more about vehicle tracking system. So, now you know what vehicle tracking system is and how it works.

Do I need a Vehicle Tracking System ?

Answers to this question is the first step to proceed further. See if you are clear about why you either want or do not want to go for one. If you think strongly that you wanted to install vehicle tracking system for your fleet of vehicles, go to next step. The next step is to write down the points as to why you need this system. What do you expect to accomplish by installing this ? The points here are very important since these are the ones that would help you narrow down on the features that you need to look for.

“Vehicle Tracking System is not a fuel theft detection system”

Connecting the vehicle tracking system to the fuel gauge and claiming it to be fuel monitoring system is the most inaccurate way to measure the fuel. Fuel gauge is to show the approximate level of fuel in the tank and not for show any minor deviation that may occur during pilferage. Due to the popular demand most of the vehicle tracking system companies claim to have a fuel monitor and connect it this system to fuel gauges. So, be cautious and don’t fall into this trap.

Do some research on-line

Get on to Google and do some reading online. Find out the features normally available in common and see if they meet the feature  requirements you have written down. If any of the feature you wanted is special list of the companies who provide that particular feature. So, you have a list of companies who has vehicle tracking system that matches your requirement. There should be atleast few hundred companies in your list. Read the article “Vehicle Tracking Devices – What To Look For Before You Buy” to understand if the points we are discussing today is the same in other parts of the world.

Narrow down on companies

Next step is you need to narrow down on companies from whom you can buy. In the last decade, I have seen many companies come and go in vehicle tracking system business. So, the first and fore most thing is the find out which are the companies in your list have been in the business for a while and who have continued reputation. Usually companies who are serving large corporate clients are stable in business, since if the product or service is not good, it is very hard to serve those clients. So,based on “Brand Value, Market Reputation, Good after-sales Service”, you narrow down. Now you should have only a handful of companies.

“Vehicle Tracking System needs continuous support”

Vehicle Tracking System is something that need continuous support. You may need to change your vehicle and you want re-installation. Or, your vehicle is going for a complete make over and you wanted to re-install in a different vehicle. So, don’t think like once it is installed, it is all done. Look for companies which offer good after-sales service 

Point of service is important

Some companies may offer on-site service and some would want to take your vehicle to a specific service point. While it is preferable to opt for on-site service, one can take the cost and convenience into consideration to decide on this factor.

Beyond this point, you can choose any of the providers who offers better pricing. Once all the above points are met with a list of companies, then they have to fight to get your business in terms of pricing. Be reasonable in negotiating. Most of the companies who have passed all the above test, would normally walk away if you negotiate too much.

No free meals. Nothing comes at no cost

We all wanted free lunch daily, everyday. Does anyone provide us ? NO. Same way, you cannot expect the vehicle tracking service to come free. It takes a lot of time, money and efforts to build the vehicle tracking software platform. It needs to hosted on a cloud infrastructure which again costs money.  The service staff who come to service the system installed in your vehicle take salary and refuse to work free. Finally, these companies are running business and not charity. Business should make money. For all these obvious reasons, you need to pay for their service.

With all these points, you can pick a company that would best suit you. The points are relevant even in the developed world. Read through some of the points discussed in “5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Fleet Tracking Software”, to know some of the points we discussed are some are less similar to how people across the globe think.

vTrack – Vehicle Tracking System

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